Trouble With Kids

I Love My Kids


When I was 18 I had a boyfriend and I got pregnant. I loved him so I didn't think it would be a problem. But When I had my first child he just started treating me like crap. Instead of becoming more of a man and stepping up he did even less than he was already doing. I was crushed but I just tried to keep working and doing the best I could to provide for my child. The next year I started dating someone else and got pregnant again. I knew I wasn't in love with him but I still liked him. He had two other kids himself so that was one of the reasons that I felt good about him. He takes care of my second child as best he can financially but he doesn't spend much time. The next year when I was 20 I had my third child with another boyfriend. So if you're keeping track that's 3 boyfriends and 3 kids in 3 years straight. A bunch of people look at me like I'm some hoe or something and I'm loose with myself. I hate that because I was at least dating the guys at the time so I feel like that makes it ok. Anybody can get pregnant by accident cause it only takes one time. But don't matter what people say I love my kids and where they came from and I don't regret nothing.

- Yaya