Trouble With School


Schools was always fun and easy for me growing up all the way through high school. I lived in a fairly small town so it was nice to know most everybody. And there wasn't as many distractions so a bunch of my nights were spent studying. As I prepared for college people told me it'd be different. I had a gameplan of how I was going to really focus on my schoolwork and not socialize too much so that it would get out of hand. Then I got to college and my first year was as easy as I thought. I had pretty easy classes and I didn't think I needed to study as much as I was doing. So I allowed myself to have fun and meet people more. It was fine because most people I met were in my classes so I was really just going out my way to meet people since that never really was my thing. My second year was when things got a little harder. I started to realize that I needed to study more and my habits from my first year weren't good enough. I even cut my phone off so that I could focus more on my work. But it was just culture shock that things just weren't coming easy to me anymore. This was the first time in my life school wasn't fun and easy. I started to struggle more and more and I even needed tutors in a few subjects. I felt like such a failure and I couldn't believe it was happening. 

 - Kii

High School is weird!

Adults always try to downgrade how hard school is for us. They tell us stuff like wait til youre grown up its a lot harder, getting out and getting a job is more important, this time is only temporary. But I hate hearing that because this is the most important time in my life right now. I could say the say type of stuff to them if they didn't like their jobs. So while some opeople try ot tell me high school isn't that important others say it's setting me up for a good life and habits I have now will carry me into adulthood. I got to pick a college that I'm going to spend at least 4 years at and all kinds of other stuff. They call us kids but then turn around and say we're young adults making choices that will affect our lives forever. Which is it? I see stuff and go through stuff that would blow your mind. People sell drugs, have sex in hallways and classrooms, carry guns, threatening to kill teachers and other students, gang fights, and all kids of other stuff. This sucks cause I just wanna get out.